Over more than 40 years, the history of Buse Rijntechniek has been marked by growth, innovation (such as powder coating) and individual customer orientation. Since the 1970s, inspecting high-pressure cylinders has been one of our core activities, and it has experienced sustained growth. Due to our considerably expanded range of products and services, in 1981 the company moved into a new production facility in the industrial estate ‘De Overmaat’.

To ensure supply reliability, cooperation agreements were also arranged with several other companies, including Worthington, ECS (Apolda), MCS, Huapeng, Milmet, S.C.I., Ceodeux, and VTI. In recent years, there has been increasing demand from companies outside of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Building up a network of international business relationships is proceeding according to plan.

During the last 20 years, company premises have been expanded step by step with larger warehouses and additional halls.